Freelancing the Boil

In July like a newly released prisoner from an Elder Scrolls game I stepped into a world of editing so large and foreboding that I almost wished I remained shackled to the walls, wailing my nonsense to ears which didn’t care to listen.

Instead I explored chapters, delved into concepts and defeated terrible writing. But as I hacked and slashed, destroying ten-per-cent of my words I discovered a bigger enemy. Approaching on the horizon like an unstoppable storm was Christmas – my self-imposed deadline. I looked at my sword of editing and shield of all-nighter and decided that they, on their own, would not be enough. So I turned to the land of internet and found a village called Within it were tens of talented people each plying their trade and each one wanting to help me on my quest – for a price.

So, after meeting the best and worst could offer I headed back into the wilderness with a proof-reader and illustrator in tow. This time the Christmas monster looked less frightening and the land was easily tamed.

My mercenaries helped me, each using their own unique skills to bring the environment under my control but all the while another menace stalked in the shadows – Barclaycard.

Paying for freelance work on my credit card wasn’t the greatest idea. So I set up my profile in the village of and offered my services; becoming a mercenary to pay for my own soldiers-of-fortune.

Now, the Christmas monster is fast approaching, but the deadline looks manageable and the cost less scary. My life is busy, but better for it. In writing The River I’ve learned more than I ever intended and gained a line of income I never desired but welcome all the same.

Some say you must prepare before you venture, accrue your wealth then quest for your desires. I find that sometimes the best way to get stimulated into action is to quest first, get into a dire situation and force yourself to be inventive and imaginative; to find a solution to your problems – problems you’d never have envisioned had you not ventured first.

Having used a metaphor to death there is only one thing left for me to say.

In two weeks it is goodbye life, hello SKYRIM.

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2 thoughts on “Freelancing the Boil

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